Dinner for Five is the creative expression of designer and developer Mitsugu Takahashi.

I am a Japanese designer who currently works freelance in Tokyo. My value is intersecting logical and emotional concepts.
I started working 5 years ago and since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with various disciplines such as graphic design, art direction, front-end development, user experience and interface. My works purpose is increase unique expressinons and brands that can make a difference in people’s lives. What I feel from my five year experience is that brand development and visual making are similar to cooking. So I strive to make designs that pleases the five senses from now on too.

Nothing would make me happier than impressing people with my designs.


I've been lucky enough to have worked alongside the talented NON-GRID, BEES&HONEY.


Planning, Art Direction, Graphic Design, VI Design, Web Direction, UI Design, UX Design, Web Development

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Dinner for Five.