Crazy wedding

Tokyo&Osaka wedding production company that consistently enraptures with it's innovative production and presentations. At Crazy wedding we've created an easy-to-understand interface with nostalgic, aimed to increase the number of inquiries.

Agency: BEES&
Role: Development
Date: 2017

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FOCUS 01 First impression

The theme of this development was gravity and sex appeal. That's because the target user are not young woman. We expressed this attraction by having the logo glow like a metal and then zooming out to create a different perspective.

FOCUS 02 Development rules

The website features a lot of subtle animations, smooth page transitions, rich imagery. Scrolls are aimed at giving an elegant impression with a lingering finish.

FOCUS 03 Characteristics of CMS

This site is made by CMS so that clients can introduce case stories and news articles. Introduction of the case not only increase / decrease of the number of posts, change of order, but also redesign the management screen from the designer's perspective.

FOCUS 04 Smartphone

For speed-limiting smartphones, animation is minimized, and rendering speed is focused, taking into consideration the increase in exit rate.