Yasutoshi Ezumi

Yasutoshi Ezumi makes sophisticated clothes based on their policy. Through their website, we wanted to tell this story and visually articulate the Founder’s vision.

Role: Design,Development
Date: 2017

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FOCUS 01 Design rules

Small typography and large margin give the overall experience a refined elegance that’s just as sophisticated as the women for whom this brand was made.

FOCUS 02 Evelyone can search their shops

This brand achieves success with wholesale, but it has yet to become a household name. The site has a shop list button on every page which brings up the location of all their shops.

FOCUS 03 Collection archives

Collection page includes the use of infinite scroll, which makes it easy to watch every collection. Product images can be closely inspected by intuitively moving the mouse in the desired direction, alowing for a detailed product overview.

FOCUS 04 Smartphone

This brand site was created for lady, with a focus on a elegant user experience rendered through photography, meaningful content and graphics.